The HOTELS Green Switch Project

The Centralized Dispensing Station (CDS) is a dispensing solution that provides filtered, purified, and disinfected water that is filled in sanitized glass bottles and placed in hotel guest rooms.

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Cleaning Phase


Manual washing of water bottles in the sinks by the operators. Bottle cleaning and disinfection machine to clean and rinse the glass bottles. In 2 minutes, 16 bottles are cleaned and sanitized. The machine pumps itself the required detergent

Filling Phase


Main dispensing unit with customized nozzle for the client’s specific design and volume. On a machine with 4 nozzles 16 1 Liter bottles can be filled in 50 seconds,. The machine has nozzles with UV lamps and can be customized to your needs. Disinfection system using UV technology and if required different technologies can be applied such as ozone and other specialized disinfectants for specific requirements.

Distribution Phase


Customized bottle trays to hold the bottle for storage and distribution. Filling capability is 384 liters per hour per 1 Liter bottle on a four-nozzle dispensing unit. Which translates to 384 bottles per hour. This can increase on a modular level utilizing the same space location.

The Solution

We create a custom solutions for Hotels based on your specifications.


Outdoor water house

we have the ability to customize any water house

Restaurant/cafe and catering

Drinking water and other solutions with the possibility to sell the product as service


Dispensers for gym, common areas and facilities with proximity sensors and touch-less buttons

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