About Our Company

Trust Your Water is a water solution company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates—having expert personnel with thorough knowledge of water purification and sanitation.

We apprehend our potential that’s why we are eager to participate in UAE’s on-going green initiative, thus providing products to customize customers’ water based on their preferences and requirements—all while saving on electricity and water wastage.

With futuristic leadership and management, TYW is able to maintain a very strong name in the water solutions sector and create a sound reputation among local and non-local companies.

TYW uses different quality-controlled disinfectant solutions that have proven to be more effective and cost-saving. Our company utilizes different products from reputable brands to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the customized solutions. We work closely with our partners and hold exclusivity to distribute and maintain their products as well. We are the proud providers of consumable and non-consumable water solutions for both commercial and industrial use.

Targeted Drinking Solutions

Our drinking water solutions are targeted towards homes, offices and hotels while our technical water solutions are for contracting and building consultancy firms. Our industrial-level solutions are catered and customized for each industry after conducting a scheduled facility visit and inspection.

We pride ourselves for executing major contracts and leading the way with the state-of-the-art technological and business practices in the thriving private business community. Set out to become a major entrepreneurial and business force, TYW was given the opportunity to provide a complete water solution to Jumeirah Saadiyat Island Resort, which is now the first plastic-free hotel in the region.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and provide the best service in the murky water industry and purify the process by showing our clients the reality of the water world. We aim to create a sustainable world where every person develops a better understanding and appreciation for water.    

Prominent Features



We don’t tolerate compromises in water quality. Trust Your Water is your reliable provider of water treatment systems in UAE.



At Trust Your Water, we believe in the power of daily actions to help protecting our planet from pollutants. We are well aware of the importance of water in our lives. Thus, we propose smart solutions to rethink the use of water for drinking and utility purposes. Come and join our community to learn more about water and what we can do to have a plastic-free and better world!



As water treatment experts, we use our expertise in enhancing the quality of your water, allowing your family and office staff to enjoy high quality water directly from your faucet or dispenser. So, avoid the use of plastic bottles with the help of our technical specialists and engineers. We are capable of customizing solutions specific to your needs, be it for personal, commercial, or industrial purposes.



The Brands we work with, are some of the best in the water industry. Our products are manufactured in Europe and the USA, ensuring the highest standards of quality and compliance by world certified water regulations. We are capable of creating bespoke systems as well as enhanced water solutions utilizing European and UAE engineering expertise alongside our knowledge in the field. 

Board Of Directors Message

We don’t believe in Market Disruption but Market Enhancement. If the innovative product or service provided removes and/or replaces harmful products from the market, then we are enhancing the lives of everyone and creating a healthier market and future. Disruption of good is bad disruption, and the disruption of bad is good enhancement. Work with us to make the world a better place.

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