Filter Replacement

The filter replacement is a necessary service that must be done periodically. Once the filter has reached its maximum life, it must be replaced. This means that the filter is saturated with contamination and can take no more.

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How Do We Execute the Service

  • The After Sales team calls the customer to inform them of filter replacement after the filter has reached its maximum life.
  • The customer is asked about any water flow problems (water flowing slowly out of the faucet, etc.) to make sure the if the filter is working properly.
  • Some filters such as the K5 and MacGuard 7500 has an indicator to show the filter life.
  • A date is scheduled according to the convenience of the customer.
  • Our technician goes to the specified location to do the filter replacement.
  • After the filter replacement is done, you are free to use it!

After Sales Team Call


Make Appointment


Technician Visit


Filter Replaced


Filter replacement is important to make sure that the quality of water is always clean.

Warning Notes

  • The customer needs to be informed about the filter indicators to know when to call for filter replacement.
  • Do not stop using the filter for long periods of time. Make sure to use the filter regularly.
  • If you feel the water taste is different, contact our after sales team.