AquaKinetic HT

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  • Item Code: 01-03-00077
Color Grey
Brand Kinetico
Technology ION Exchange
Usage Commercial
Warranty 2 Years

The AquaKinetic HT is a high-performance unit, can handle higher inlet water temperatures. Ideal for commercial applications where space is limited, offering high flow rates, a dual tank design & feature a non-electric control valve with counter-current regeneration.

Features & advantages:
• Kinetico water softeners use the kinetic energy of flowing water instead of electricity. So you don't have to worry about expensive repairs or growing monthly electricity bills.
• Due to the double tank design, soft water can be supplied continuously and uninterruptedly.
• Water consumption is measured to precisely determine when regeneration is required. This reduces the amount of waste and increases savings. When you go on vacation, your water softener also has a break
• Only soft, treated water is used for self-cleaning. This increases the service life of the water softener.
• In contrast to most other water softeners, the water in a Kinetico system is extracted from bottom to top in order to use the synthetic resin balls more evenly and efficiently. This results in less wastewater, less salt consumption and a more durable system.

Inlet pressure (min/max) 2,5 / 8,5 bar
Maximum Temperature 65°C
Inlet/Outlet Connections Custom
Media Volume 2 x 4,5 litres
Volume 18,9 litres
Time 11 minutes
Hardness as CaCO3 (max) 513 mg/l
Maximum Flow @ 1 ∆ bar 25 l/min
Minimum Flow 2 l/min
Weight 26,8 - 86,2 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h) 178 x 457 x 508 mm
What is used for Designed to eliminate hard water conditions with high levels of calcium and manganese.

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