TYW-BTOWER BLACK 2 push buttons

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* Water options - Blupora:
Color Black
Brand TYW-BP
Usage Residential Restaurant Coffee shop
Water Option Ambient, Cold

Included Addons

Perfect for design lovers with limited space and who demand the performance of professional faucets.

Complete with volumetric portion control and made entirely in stainless steel (push buttons included), it can be combined with any type of under counter model.
It has from two to three supply options depending on the model:
Blutower 2 push buttons: cold still and sparkling water.
Blutower 3 push buttons: cold still, sparkling and room temperature water.
Blutower Mix: cold still, slightly sparkling and sparkling water.
Blutower Hot: cold still, sparkling and hot water.

Dispensing Area Height 322 (mm)
Dimensions (w x d x h) 146 x 146 x 444
Materials robust stainless steel
Power Consumption 35W - 0,15A
Power Supply 230 V - 50 Hz

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