FE5 -TYW-Bella White with 3M filter

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Color White
Brand Sprano

Cooler Features
Your healthy way to drink water become art
• The smallest water coolers in its category 18.5 liters/hour of cold/sparkling water
• Save ‘till the 30% of power supply thanks to its New Cooling Concept
• Not anymore growing bacterial with the new patented fittings
• Smart electronic, telemetry, App for android and iOS

•  New Hydronic System:
cooling technology is more efficient the cooler is more performing cold water in lower time
•  No more big water tanks are necessary
•  Bacterial growth reduced to the minimum
•  No more retro contamination risks thanks to the new in-let safety valve in the nozzle
•  No more leaking on the floor thanks to the Level Probe on the drip tray

Nozzle antibacterial protection 03 activated oxigen
Temperature Range Cooler: Adjustable 4*12*C / Boiler: Adjustable 6O-95’C
Boiler SST capacity/power 0.8 liter 2000 W Heater element power
Safety electrovalve On Water Inlet
Compressor power 1/12 Hp 75 W
Dispensing device Touch
Cooling Capacity 16 Liters/h At 10* C
Dimensions (w x d x h) 290W x 190D x 1145H

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