Mach 2040s OD

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  • Item Code: 01-03-00080
Color Black
Brand Kinetico
Technology ION Exchange
Usage Residential
Warranty 2 Years

The Kinetico Mach 2040s OD is a high-performing twin-tank unit, which can handle a higher flow rate. Comes with a separate brine drum.

Compact class system suitable for small houses and apartments. They are economical and, thanks to the compact size, can be installed in confined spaces.
Configuration OD (overdrive) can increase the throughput of the system without affecting the quality of water. With this configuration, during a working cycle, the water flow passes both filter columns simultaneously, increasing throughput and reducing the pressure loss at the outlet of the system. During regeneration, one filter column remains in operation, and the other through a cycle of recovery. When the cycle is complete, the work re-enter the two columns. Short-term reduction of capacity at the time of regeneration usually without inconvenience to the consumer.

Features & advantages:
• Simple, reliable and economical operation.
• Twin-tank design.
• Very efficient
• Suitable for salt tablets
• High flow rate
• High hardness capacity
• Connected quickly
• Sustainable design

Inlet pressure (min/max) 2,5 / 8,5 bar
Maximum Temperature 50°C
Inlet/Outlet Connections Custom
Media Volume 2 x 11 litres
Volume 27 litres
Time 11 minutes
Hardness as CaCO3 (max) 752 mg/l
Maximum Flow @ 1 ∆ bar 41 l/min
Minimum Flow 1,1 l/min
Weight 41 - 54 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h) 432 x 203 x 584 mm
What is used for Designed to eliminate hard water conditions with high levels of calcium and manganese.

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