Mach 2060f OD Sidement

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  • Item Code: 01-03-00085
Color Black
Brand Kinetico
Usage Residential
Warranty 2 Years

The Mach 2060f OD Sidement is a twin-tank system, which gives maximum performance. Compact size water filter designed to produce a continuous supply of filtered water, without breaks.

Features & advantages:
• Non-electric, twin-tank water filter.
• Various media options available.
• Clean Water Rinse: Prolongs the lifetime of the filter by cleaning itself with the same high quality filtered water it produces.
• Variable Media Options: The unit can be customised to your exact needs, simply by choosing the media that will best solve your problems.
• High Efficiency: Very efficient unit with accurate regeneration to guarantee the best performance.
• Durable Design: Designed and built to withstand moist, dusty and dirty conditions.
• Easy Maintenance: The system is easy to maintain and does not require excessive maintenance after installation.
• Quick Connect/Easy Install: Easy to connect and install with no timers or complicated mechanisms to set.
Inlet pressure (min/max) 2,5 / 8,5 bar
Maximum Temperature 50°C
Inlet/Outlet Connections Custom
Media Volume 2 x 11 litres
Volume 322 litres
Time 20 minutes
Maximum Flow @ 1 ∆ bar 27 l/min
Minimum Flow 2 l/min
Weight 54 - 136 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h) 432 x 203 x 1168 mm

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