TYW-B Cafe 150

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Color Silver
Brand TYW-BP
Technology DRY COOLING

BLUBAR “beer” tap is the perfect option for public premises where traditional dispensing is still preferred.

With manual mechanical taps
2 supply options: cold still water and cold sparkling water, or cold still water and room temperature water
Entirely made in stainless steel, with front panel in backlit plexi
Internal storage space for filtration cartridges and inlet UV
Professional carbonator in stainless steel
Dry Cooling Tecnology

This is an innovative, direct cooling
technology that sees the water coils (made
of stainless steel) and the refrigerant gas coils
(made of copper) combined in a single diecast aluminium unit.
Using Dry Cooling allows the cooler to be
more compact and to deliver professional
levels of performance in a home or office

Materials Parts made of robust stainless steel
Power Consumption 575W - 2.5A
Power Supply 230 V - 50 Hz
Temperature Range Cold Water: 5° - 12° C
Cooling Capacity 150(Lt/h.)
Dispensing Area Height 337(mm)
Dimensions (w x d x h) 460 x 626 x 541

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