Advantages of copper and silver ionization in legionella prevention

Advantages of copper and silver ionization in legionella prevention

Advantages of copper and silver ionization in legionella prevention

Copper and silver ionization is one of the most complete and innovative legionella remediation techniques, as it has advantages from basically every point of view, unlike the other traditional techniques adopted by the most famous products on the market. Trust Your Water can offer you all this thanks to the ICA systems, which adopt this technique that we are now going to present to you.

Copper and silver ionization

The copper and silver ionization technique uses precisely these two natural antiseptic elements well known since ancient times to disintegrate the legionella bacteria present in water. By dissolving these two molecules in the measure of parts per billion, it is possible to effectively eliminate the bacterial charges without altering in any way the water drinking levels. And unlike a common oxidizing chemical product, generally active no more than 48 hours, it can guarantee up to five weeks of coverage. And thanks to the ICA systems distributed by Trust Your Water you can take advantage of all this with maximum efficiency and with constant monitoring via the internet.

Advantages of the technique

Copper and silver ionization has been compared with other techniques and products for legionella disinfection, namely chlorine dioxide, chloramines, chlorine, UV lamp and thermal shock. As a result, it was possible to see that the ionization has all the advantages of the other systems, without missing any of them. It needs a rapid installation, does not use chemical products, has efficacy on cold water and full effectiveness on hot water, and is effective at various pH levels; moreover, it is able to offer prolonged efficiency, allows a rapid elimination of legionella, does not corrode the pipes and does not entail any kind of health risk.

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