Is there a connection between limescale and legionella

Is there a connection between limescale and legionella

The most careful scholars of water ask themselves if there is any connection between limescale and legionella, and specifically if the first phenomenon is a factor that helps in a decisive way the proliferation of the dangerous bacterium. And even if all this does not have enough consideration and diffusion, science seems to confirm this theory. In fact the Legionella bacterium manages to escape from the disinfection interventions if it can find limescale deposits in the pipes in which to nest, as well as in other impurities present in the water network. Therefore, for complete protection from legionella it is necessary to also provide a water softening system, in order to prevent the creation of cultivation environments where the bacterium can survive.

What is limescale

Limestone is a substance present in water, formed by calcium and magnesium, which tends to deposit in the pipes. In this case we talk about hard water, and this hardness value is measured in French degrees. Although not generally a health problem, except for specific pathologies, it leads to other problems. One is obviously the reduction of the pipe section of your water network, given precisely by the accumulation of the substance; this translates into difficulties in the use of water and general greater energy consumption. At the same time we also have a premature aging of the laundry, but also of skin and hair. And as mentioned, it seems to play a decisive role also in the spread of legionella.

What is legionella

Legionella is a dangerous bacterium, often conveyed by tap water, responsible for forms of pneumonia that can lead to death, especially when contracted by sensitive subjects such as the elderly, children, smokers or immunosuppressed. It lives in humid environments and at temperatures between about 25 ° and 50 °, and therefore occurs more in the summer.
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