The effects of hard water on the skin

The effects of hard water on the skin

Staying hydrated is an important part of every skin care regimen. Because skin dries as it ages, drinking water not only maintains healthy, younger-looking skin but also helps skin detoxify itself, reducing the effects of sunlight and everyday pollutants from smoking and smog. Luckily, drinking enough water is easy when it tastes great, because the filtering process removes contaminants that make it less appetizing.

Hard water and washing

Treating the water that people wash with is equally as important as treating the water they consume. While traveling through pipes, water collects heavy metals and other elements. Older pipes, found in many cities and homes across the country, can leave metallic deposits in water. These deposits, along with other elements, make water hard and accelerate the aging process. Harmful to collagen, the protein that supports the skin’s outer layer, these deposits create more fine lines and wrinkles by weakening skin and making it less elastic. Deposits such as iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and lead thicken the skin’s oil and make it waxy, which can block pores and lead to acne, blackheads, redness or irritation. Calcium and chlorine found in some water sources can also dry and dull skin and hair. In addition, the sulfate sometimes found in untreated tap water can actually attract calcium and chlorine onto the skin, exacerbating their harmful effects. Soaps and other cleaning agents work less effectively in hard water, making it necessary to buy more products to achieve the same results. Looking good is hard enough already; why make it harder with hard water? A recent New York Times Magazine article quoted an expert New York dermatologist, stating that regular hard water exposure can lead to similar skin damage as that seen from sitting in the sun without adequate protection, though to a lesser degree.

Our solutions for hard water

Those concerned about the harmful effects of unfiltered water have a variety of water treatment systems to choose from. Whole-house systems help keep skin healthy and younger-looking not only by treating the water that users drink but also the water they use to bathe and clean. Our customized solutions help users maximize water’s life-sustaining potential:

  • Dechlorination systems remove additives to help skin stay moist.
  • Water softeners counteract the damaging effects of hard water and other mineral deposits.
  • Water purifiers provide the highest quality water possible by removing microbiological contaminants as well as common mineral deposits.
  • Some of our features alert users when the filter needs to be changed, because water that has traveled through an overused filter can be dirtier than if it was unfiltered.

Innovative engineering and a completely hydro powered, non-electric design mean that the systems are not susceptible to electronic malfunctions or power outages. Users know that they will always have soft water, even when the system is cleaning itself, because of the twin tank design. During the regeneration process, users draw water from one tank while the other is being cleaned. Our systems run on demand, use high-capacity resins to maximize efficiency and use 70 percent less salt and water than most other water treatment systems on the market. Our stress-free solutions make nourishing skin with great water easy.

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