The legionella prevention systems of Trust Your Water

The legionella prevention systems of Trust Your Water

Trust Your Water presents its sophisticated systems for the legionella prevention. Here are ICA and ICA ONE, our treatments that work with the copper and silver ionization.

Having a plan for legionella prevention is something that must interest every activity that uses high amounts of water every day. Sports centers, swimming pools, thermal baths, but also hotels and restaurants. Trust Your Water today shows you its high quality solutions for a good water disinfection.

Legionella prevention

ICA and ICA ONE are two systems designed to offer the best performances in the legionella treatment. Instead of using the traditional disinfection techniques adopted by other technologies on the market, our systems work with the copper and silver ionization. These two metals are placed in the order of parts per billion (ppb) in the water taken by the user, with exact proportion. This addition does not in any way alter the potability of water, but is sufficient to affect and destroy microorganisms. Copper and silver ions are a more effective solution than any other type of treatment. In fact, they guarantee an anti-legionella cover for up to five weeks, while a common oxidizing chemical product can guarantee efficacy only for up to 48 hours.

Advantages on the other water treatments

The ICA and ICA ONE systems allow to solve the problem of legionella with great effectiveness, plus many other related problems that can not be managed with other systems such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chloramines, UV lamps and thermal shock. They do not use chemicals and allow efficacy with hot water, cold water and with various pH levels. They break legionella quickly and for prolonged periods, they do not corrode the pipes and do not provide health risks. In addition, ICA systems are connected to a web portal that allows constant monitoring.

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